About the Principal

My name is David Longpre, principal of DALON URBAN REALTY ADVISORS and DALON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. I possess over 28 yrs of hands-on experience in the commercial Real Estate and Land Development business since graduating from UBC, Urban Land Economics in 1982. I have had positions as a consultant in several but have mostly been a principal in the many projects over the years. Not many aspects of this industry have passed me by and I have pretty much participated in all it has to challenge a developer with. Included in those expereinces have been periods as a commercial mortgage broker and a public company director.   

I have had the priviledge of having worked on several innovative and exciting development projects. In this industry not a single project can be constructed without needing to overcome many daunting challenges and unique hurdles. After this expereince on many projects in many locations, I have acquired the patience, the skillsets, and the thickness of hide, to accomplish most of what I set out to do.

As a principal partner in projects one comes to learn the serious requirement of being risk-aware, diligently focused, and respectful of those who one works with, both investors and industry associates. I have a consistent habit of forward thinking, constantly anticipating, and predicting and re-assessing risk potential at all times during a projects' phases of development. I hold a passion to be involved in the creation of strong performing real estate assets that provide excellent returns to its participants. 

Over the years I have acquired a wonderful sense of good real estate, excellent relationships, and a solid requtation for honesty and integrity. I commit a boundless energy to all my projects and from that take an immense satisfaction to see a final product where the benefits flow to the project investors and to the public who may conduct their daily lives within that new project. 

When I am not not at work I give my attention to my lovely wife of 25 years and my two teenage children. We live in South Delta area of Vancouver. I am an avid runner and road bike enthusiast and have completed several marathons including the Boston Marathon and several cycling Gran Fondos.

"Let a wealth of Real Estate Experience assist you to Experience the wealth in Real Estate."