At DALON EQUITIES LTD., principal, David Longpre has over 30 years of experience in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Land Development. Over the past several years, David has participated in the successful development of several commercial retail and multi-family residential projects in Western Canada.

Real Estate development is a high risk process and the best tools an individual and team can possess is experience in all kinds of projects under all kinds of situations. Problem solving and innovative thinking are key skills to being successful in overcoming risk and these are not naturally occuring traits. These skills must be learned in the school of successes and failures, obstacles and hurdles, and the assessment of what works and what does not. With a great depth of this experience behind him, David has acquired a significnatly balanced and realistic perspective to effective real estate development and risk management. 

The result of David's very extensive career and the accummulation of a staggering array of experiences and learned knowledge is that David is able to share this with his projects and investor clients to their benefit.

Let a wealth of Real Estate Experience assist you to Experience wealth of Real Estate