Dalon's Abilities and Strengths...

DALON URBAN REALTY ADVISORS under principal, David Longpre, works mostly with the real estate industry and investors in the creation of new, strong performing real estate. The key to our abilities and strengths today is a very wide ranging and deep set of experiences all contributiong to a learned knowledge of the Real Estate Industry. David has acquired an excellent strength in knowing and finding prime site selection and the ability to deliver the project through to its completion. Dalon's skills extend to being able to obtain positive collaborative input from all the key players in the process of land development and has assembled several successful consultant teams in  the completion of land development projects. Finally, Dalon and David have a proven track record from the existence today of several land development projects thriving and providing community benefit. 

DALON's background includes ...

Optimum Site Selection, Preliminary Projections...

  • Thorough market investigation, optimum site search, application of site selection criteria;
  • Review of site strengths and weaknesses, local market demographics and trends, external influences;
  • Preliminary Pro Forma and Cash Flow / Profit /  ROE / ROI / IRR, detailed feasibility projections;
  • Land assembly, procurement of purchase agreements, negotiations and  implementation of purchase / sale strategies;
  • Pre-leasing, pre-sales, potential tenant prospecting, design of retail merchandising plans or residential marketing plans;

Pre Development Activities...

  • Drafting detailed financial models and analyses on spreadsheets for Pro Forma Cost budgets and revenue projections, Equity and Finance projections;
  • Source, selection, and complete coordination of design team consultants, implementation of design criteria;
  • Public and neighborhood canvassing, meetings, forums, presentations, and identification of potential areas of conflict;
  • Representation of project and coordination of Municipal and regulatory processes and requirements, negotiations on design criteria;
  • Guiding applications through Development Permits, Rezoning, OCP Amendments, Variances, Signage, Land uses;
  • Coordinating effective Geotechnical, Environmental, Civil, etc., and all preliminary application Designs and Reports;
  • Implementation of merchandising and/or marketing plans, show suites, media kits;
  • Focused negotiations for and achievement of key anchor and CRU tenancies;
  • Presentations to Municipal Councils and Committees, Public hearings, Boards, Investors, Lenders, etc.;
  • Source, short listing, selection and coordination of project contractors, coordinating contractor involvement in design process for a smoother, more efficient, construction phase;
  • Consistent review of and reporting of on-going Pro Forma Budget Projections;
  • Procurement of Development Permits, Variance Permits, etc.;

Project Development Activities...

  • Total Project Management Services from project Concept to Completion and Turn Over; Source, selection and coordination of Design Drawing and Building Permit Application Consultant teams;
  • Refining, for formal presentation, detailed Pro Formas, Projections, Cost Budgets, Cash Flow and Profit projections;
  •  Information and update presentations and reports to Clients, Boards, Lenders, Investors, etc.;
  • On-going project design and budget reviews, feasibility reviews, Reporting, etc. ;
  • Project Management and Construction coordination during construction phase, including: 
    • daily monitoring and review of construction process, time lines, critical path milestones, and cost budgets,
    • review and processing of progress claims, change orders, and payments between project and quantity surveyors, consultants and contractors,
    • evaluation and implementation of mid-construction design and budget changes,
    • Ongoing reviews with Municipal and regulatory authorities;
  • Ongoing risk assessment, milestone reviews, anticipation of future potential conflicts;
  • Conflict asssessment and resolution;
  • Negotiations and document coordination for Leasing / Sales / Marketing programs;
  • Tracking and ensuring procurement of final Certificates of Substantial Completion, Lien Holdback Releases, Occupancy Permits, Fire and Safety approvals, etc;
  • Project and unit Turn Over coordination and procedure implementation to tenants, purchasers, end users, property managers, etc.